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Recreational fishing in Norway

Important notice

Important notice for Foreign tourists

  • Foreign tourists may only use handheld tackle when fishing in the sea. Tourists are not permitted to make use of nets, pots, traps, lines etc.
  • Tourists are permitted to take up to 15 kg of fish and one (whole) trophy fish out of the country. Freshwater fish such as salmon, trout and char are exempt from the 15 kg limit.
  • You must keep a distance of more than 100 metres from the closest fish farm when fishing. All boat traffic shall keep a distance of at least 20 metres from fish farms and moorings for fish farms.
  • Foreign tourists are not permitted to sell the fish they catch.
  • Comply with the regulations for minimum size of fish.

Export Quota

As a recreational fisher you are allowed to export 15 kilos of fish or processed fish products, such as fillets. In addition, you are allowed to export a trophy fish (whole fish) and fish caught from a fishing boat when you fish alongside a professional fisherman.


Minimum Sizes

With effect from 1 January 2010, all those fishing in the sea in Norway must follow the minimum fish size regulations. The objective of these regulations is to allow small fish to survive so that they can mature enough to reproduce. If you catch a fish which is smaller than the minimum size, you must wet your hands with sea water and carefully free the fish from the fishing tackle then release it back to sea. If the fish is dead or not capable of surviving, you can keep it to eat. In order to avoid catching a number of fish under the minimum size, you can for example move to a new fishing area or try using larger fish hooks. Download full info in pdf format here, or read more at Fiskeridirektoratet.no There is also an app available in iTunes for iPhone and iPad and at Google Play for Android.   If you need more information pleas contact Fiskeridirektoratet by email.